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The Ironbeard Militia

The Ironbeard Militia is a faction of dwarves based out of the Wetlands. Originally formed from the Dwarves driven from Dun Modr and Dun Algaz, we are organized to ensure our cause is not forgotten. Although our clan originated in the Wetlands, the Ironbeards concern themselves with the homeland defense of entire Khaz Modan region. We fight to secure the Dwarven Realm against any who would threaten it!

We are a Dwarven-centric Heavy RP-PVE guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We work together with other similar guilds to build a thriving and diverse Dwarven nation of roleplayers! While other guilds focus on RP-PVP, the Ironbeard Militia focuses on RP-PVE content and roll-based combat events (See our Battle System here!) Players interested in joining the Militia should check out our guild policies, then head over to our application page to fill one out!

We do not prohibit anyone from participating in any event put on by the community at large; infact we actively encourage it! Check out the community hub known as the Mead Hall here!

While the primary focus on the Ironbeard Militia is dwarven centric, we do not exclude allies of other races. Just so long as your character has RP reasons for being a part of the Militia you're welcome into the ranks!
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